Here come’s the Character……


After wasting lots of A4 sheets, i finally came up with a sketch of the protagonist which i had in my was real trouble to make a character design for this project. As i said the initial thought was just to make a realistic figure but then realizing it will be a hectic to work with a real looking character in stop motion is a bad idea. Talking about the look and feel i gambled my self a lot for coming up with this one, really.

scan0001expchar sktch

Any ways my character doesn’t have a name in this story, we could call him Mr x (may be  Loolan),because there is int any plot in this story giving importance to his name. The place , the language , the style every thing isn’t really existing any where, yes i have taken reference from lots of stuffs but it doesn’t matter. i intentionally wanted not to relate the person, place or thing to any one or anywhere , because the core of the story was that any one from anywhere from world can relate himself to this character,so it will be better to avoid any relative aspects from the visuals.

model sheet 1char sheet 1

The challenge was to come up with a character who have a casual look.As he is the one who carry’s  loads of sorrows and trouble in this story ,he needs to be look like much worried ,exhausted,confused and sad. He is cute but i didn’t wanted him to look like a  Disney thing. The challenge was to make him simpler and communicative, with minimal features enough to animate and convey the story. He doesn’t want to look western nor Indian.I would sincerely like to thank Mr. Praksh Moorthy for giving me a foundation on constructing a character from thoughts, from those second year character design course.


A special thanks to my recent seniors for providing me armature and necessary guidance for constructing the mode.with out them i wont be possible ever.It was much hectic to find out a proper armature around from the local market. and the others where too costly that i couldn’t afford or make one.So these MDF Sheets cut in laser helped a lot.

IMG_4476model arm sheet

IMG_4486  IMG_4487IMG_4491 IMG_4484IMG_4492IMG_4489


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