First script



Every individual has a unique character which defines their INDIVIDUALITY. sometimes we/one/people misinterpret there is something  wrong with them/their character intern lead to believe they are odd in the society/to others. So they/we hide them n try to be someone else/others. But the truth comes later with the  realization that this uniqueness defies our character n there is no need to hide them at all. Ones world will be the way how they perceive it.


Act 1

  • The story starts with a man reading his friends letter saying “Start immediately there is a ticket attached as well. And the letter all over says him not to give up his hope and get there soon and there is a cure. And the box will direct him where to get down.
  • He is reading this letter in a big metallic box and other belongings; he neglects the help from porters as well.
  • He boards the train and get settled down in his seat hugging down his box
  • He is in between stranger passengers all around him including a small boy sitting next to him with a balloon. No one seems friendly and everyone looks at him in a doubtful manner. (passengers moving along with porters)
  • The train starts moving everyone seems busy. The balloon in the child’s hand bursts and he starts crying. The man tries to console him hardly but all his effort goes to vain.
  • He opens his box and does an origami art with a piece of paper inside it while a small glow (illuminated glow) happens inside the box. He hands over the origami to the child and the child becomes happy and smiles at him)
  • When the man returns the smile back at the child all of a sudden a huge mole appears in his face. The child and other passengers get excited to see this and looks at him with excitement. He hides the mole with his hands and jumps up and run towards the toilet with huge metal box in shame and embarrassment as if he was about to Burt in tears.
  • He locks the door from inside and checks his face in the mirror on the wall he keeps the bag on the rack and opens it. It contained lots and lots of glass jars filled with this cut off moles. He takes out a scissor from the bag and holds it in the cutting position to mole. The mole starts glowing (both in the box and in his face). A goods train passes by…

Cut to:

Act 2

2D memory [flashback]

  • A boy walking alone in rain heading towards the school. another gang of boys little distant accompanying him.
  • suddenly a toad jumps in front of the boy for his surprise he screams because of fear and surprise.
  • A mole appears in his face other boys laughs at him and calls him toad ( a toad with moles) the boy gets ashamed hides his face with hand and runs away crying.
  • He has only got one friend because of his wearied nature none ever made friendship with him. he loved his friend and cared about him a lot as he was the only friend he got. the friend also behaved to him so nice and kindly.
  • One day he made a surprise gift for his friend from scraps, (the mole in his face glows mean time)and presents it to his friend while accepting the gift his friend became so happy and excited  and thanks him. Again the same thing happens seeing his friend happy he gets excited and a mole appears on his face and for his surprise a mole grows in his friends face too.
  • the boy gets shocked to see this and realize that he is not the only one having this . But suddenly his friend covers his face and runs off not saying anything to him. the boy stands alone.
  • the next day he came to know that his friend has left the school and left to somewhere else with his family for some unknown reason.
  • he couldn’t hold his emotion he starts to believe that he is the one responsible to make his friend sick like him
  • he curses his mole for making him lose his friend
  • he believed that mole is the only reason for his loneliness and hatred and decided to destroy it he cuts it off with a scissors and the mole jumps like a lizards tail when it is cut off he gets amazed and leans to pick it.

Act 3

Back to toilet

  • He grabs the glowing cut down mole from the sink and put it in one half filled jar and keeps it back to the box. he looks at the mirror checks out his face with a plus plaster covering the part from where the mole has cut.
  • he opens his shirt to reveal there is lots of plaster all over his body he takes a heavy breath and closes the box (sync to the toilet door opens)
  • he comes out of the toilet and goes back to his seat with the box back to his seat.
  • The train gains speed
  • voice over – he doesn’t even know where he is heading to the only clue was “that the box / the mole will tell you where to go” something said him to trust his friend
  • his last letter told him there is a cure to his abnormality and there is some place where you will get cured and get answer for all your sufferings the only thing you need to do is don’t destroy all your moles collect them deposit them all together in the magic well in this place and everything is going to be alright and that is what made his friend normal and live a happy life
  • first two three times he refused his invitation but he himself wanted to get rid of his abnormality and decides to listen to his friend
  • he was thrilled to get there as well as doubtful about the near future
  • the train enters into a tunnel and it becomes dark he goes to sleep

Act 4

Dream 2D experimental line drawing

  • the train is moving in  darkness through the rails like snake
  • from both the sides of train some mole like shape grows up to sky
  • it tries to grab the train the train struggles to get through
  • at the end the moles winds up the train

Act 5

  • HE wakes up from his sleep with a jerk
  • the box which he is holding is jumping on his hand like it has gained some kind of life. the box is glowing itself from inside
  • he remembers his friends words saying . They will tell you where to get down. they will guide you
  • As the train is moving faster the box shakes violently as he couldn’t held it further. he looks outside through the window and see a small light somewhere out in the woods like some railway gate of something and with a railway bell ringing.
  • As the place was falling back the bell sounds are feeding away, he got confused what to do.
  • he grabs his belongings and runs towards the exits but the train is gaining speed.
  • he jumps and pulls the emergency break gear.
  • the train takes a sudden breaks with a squeaking sound of the metal tires in the rail, the train stops in the darkness


Act 6

  • he jumps out from the train and runs towards the other direction
  • he could hear the whistles and some shouting from his back but never bothered to look back he run and run into the darkness
  • as he covered a little he couldn’t see anything that time the box starts glowing once again.
  • he felt that it is leading him the way.
  • he reached a light pole , other than the pole a railway bell and small shed there was nothing else.
  • No station Nothing the box stopped glowing now.
  • he wondered what to do next there was no well nor his friend to receive him. he stood there cursing himself , what to do next. he felt he made a mistake listening to his friend.
  • Again he sat in the ground next to that pole wandering what next. he holder the box he holder the fade to black

Act 7

  • he could listen peoples shouting and birds chirping and animals
  • he opens his eyes
  • he saw a crowd covering him looking at him.
  • he could realize what he is seeing.
  • His box fell down from his hand to the ground.
  •  whoever he see their In that crowd has moles and growth on their faces, some have extra eyes , horns .
  • for one movement he doesn’t know’ what to do. he smiled as he released something.

End credit

Act 8

  • He is standing next a well, he looks into the well (inside) and then to the box. He pause for a while and throws the box into the well. The box is falling and falling vanishing to the darkness. A distant sound is heard as it touched the water. The deep interiors of the well shined like gold with a glow. Thousands of butterflies flies up into the sky.

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