When things went wrong…. :( >>>>> Trouble shooting

After this much work it was much frustrating at the end finding out the model made isn’t up to mark. the major problem which I found out was the models armature couldn’t hold its shape though making the body parts failing to hold the gesture position. the major findings for this reason was  the beads become loose in the holders.and because of  body parts heaviness.Most of the holder joints were coated with m seal in order to prevent the loosening didn’t prevented the issue but it worsened the case because it cut down by blocking the possibility of tightening the screw.and its weight made its heaviness  too.

dddddd ffg

The solution was to make the armature and model again with a option of any time access to tightening the screw , and using very light materials to build the puppets body so that it cut downs the weight.my next mission was to come up with an improved armature which can hold the gesture position and hold the body form together with it.


A new armature.

As the previous armature model showed up some issues wit the shoulder joints starting from chest and the pelvis joints to leg, I have to go through with a new armature model sketch.


Trouble shooting

Replacing the Thermocol foam carving instead of m-seal and heavy sponges for the body made the model much lighter ,for the first model I used doctors tape for covering its the sponge holding the body shape like a mummy, but it made the model much more heavier .To come out with a solution for this I used sticking face tissue soaked in adhesive to the model to give a smooth finish and better holding to the body.

IMG_4741 IMG_4737IMG_4742

Several opening were made for tightening the screws for more hold, the carved foams do have engravings to accommodate the armature tight inside it.

IMG_4748 IMG_4749IMG_4751


A new head with 3 part joining. the middle piece is embedded with two small magnets so it sticks the iron bolts in mask holding it from falling.the middle part has the  attached  to the socket .The other two side Pieces can be attached with the middle piece with the help of a two side screw. This provide the same freedom for tightening the ball socket screws.

IMG_4743 IMG_4752 IMG_4753 IMG_4754

the final model



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