Accessories  for the protagonist…..


The  Accessories character  carries with him do represents his characteristics in the film, it looks so simpler just as a probe but it do adds up on many elements in the story as well.the visual appeal style type build do tells many things , for example where he is from the place climate, the time the story happening ,his lifestyle,his status weather he is poor or rich etc.In this case the protagonist is a middle  class men who is not at all a regular traveler n doesn’t have that luxury to afford stylish accessories as this story do following a antique and classy look  i preferred him to have a leather bag  and belt, a canvas suitcase and a canvas shoes..


I used Rex-in from a diary cover instead of leather for making the bag n do have a leather look.

bag Final bag




The suitcase before coloring..



 leather work and glass jars  inside suitcase – old valet leather and medicines ampule bottles were used


Final painted and textured suitcase and wine box





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