Here come’s the Character……


After wasting lots of A4 sheets, i finally came up with a sketch of the protagonist which i had in my was real trouble to make a character design for this project. As i said the initial thought was just to make a realistic figure but then realizing it will be a hectic to work with a real looking character in stop motion is a bad idea. Talking about the look and feel i gambled my self a lot for coming up with this one, really.

scan0001expchar sktch

Any ways my character doesn’t have a name in this story, we could call him Mr x (may be  Loolan),because there is int any plot in this story giving importance to his name. The place , the language , the style every thing isn’t really existing any where, yes i have taken reference from lots of stuffs but it doesn’t matter. i intentionally wanted not to relate the person, place or thing to any one or anywhere , because the core of the story was that any one from anywhere from world can relate himself to this character,so it will be better to avoid any relative aspects from the visuals.

model sheet 1char sheet 1

The challenge was to come up with a character who have a casual look.As he is the one who carry’s  loads of sorrows and trouble in this story ,he needs to be look like much worried ,exhausted,confused and sad. He is cute but i didn’t wanted him to look like a  Disney thing. The challenge was to make him simpler and communicative, with minimal features enough to animate and convey the story. He doesn’t want to look western nor Indian.I would sincerely like to thank Mr. Praksh Moorthy for giving me a foundation on constructing a character from thoughts, from those second year character design course.


A special thanks to my recent seniors for providing me armature and necessary guidance for constructing the mode.with out them i wont be possible ever.It was much hectic to find out a proper armature around from the local market. and the others where too costly that i couldn’t afford or make one.So these MDF Sheets cut in laser helped a lot.

IMG_4476model arm sheet

IMG_4486  IMG_4487IMG_4491 IMG_4484IMG_4492IMG_4489



Title:  Working title – Fireflies (Tentative)

Sponsor:  Self Sponsored


This fiction fantasy film is about a man’s journey to an unknown destination in search of a cure.The story reveals as he tries to hide his deformity and force himself to be like others throughout the journey. He finds himself caught up in a desperate metaphysical adventure, a drift between real and imaginary world and realizes his travel leads him on a path of self discovery.The film ends as he ultimately realizes “That there is nothing wrong with him and learn to enjoy the life as it is”.


Duration:  7 – 10 Minutes

Target audience:  For all groups

Treatment:  Mix medium (Puppet animation, Experimental, 3D, CG)


January 25, 2014


What can I say about this project .Well, this is a  short animation film am doing as my diploma project, am doing my 3rd year in Animation and Film design course  in NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN – Ahmadabad,India. As I am working on this project for a long time ,I felt so hard to keep track of what ever I have done till now.SO I hope I ended up in making this blog so I can keep updating what ever process I am done with and post all progress so I can keep a track on this project.


Ironically ,our society tends to portray artist as dreamers but those who suppress their creativity are actually the one living in a dream, an artist is some one who sees and feels reality very intensely. Creativity doesn’t means just making things up out of air.It means seeing and feeling the world so vividly that you can put together connections and patterns that help to explain reality . It means you see the beauty in the world rather than trying to hide from it, its scary isn’t it ?



I believe myself as a craftsman rather than an artist. One thing that make me happy rather than doing any thing in my life is creating new things out of anything, even from scraps, I really enjoy doing it.  So when it came to my final animation diploma project , I want to do some thing which Ialways wanted to do. Marrying my craftsmanship with the medium of animation to tell a story, to play with the medium so that I can enjoy the process, frankly I would say in beginning I never bothered about story line much, the idea was blindly do some gags or short so I can make sets ,props and rigs, and shoot around with camera and lights.                                                                                                                                                                                              But as I am a big dreamer, I dreamed my film a kick ass one like any ambitious animator do.Thus the second thought struck my mind, even if I am putting this much effort to the production I should be more fair about the story line too.Then gradually I realized, its not that easy to cook up a good story as I do making things with my craftsmanship.I would say I spend most of my time in this project for the story part.Struggled and struggled a lot to come up with the story line from the initial concept and still the struggling …..


I am not that sort of an adventurous traveler, but I have traveled a lot as I can, I remember my child hood days ,when my family took me to railway station so see of  my father for his job tour ,by the time  my father boarded the train started moving, I yelled and started running behind the train. By the time it left the station another train arrived to the opposite direction , I got confused  and I followed that one yelling like one of those mad dog  chasing cars in the street . I think I made a connection with trains from that time . Till my high school I never traveled in a train as I remember. Frankly I was scared to those gigantic machine, I never wanted to travel in one of those ever. I intentionally kept myself away from them. But after my graduation I got a job in Mumbai, I was forced to set my camp to Worli (place in Mumbai). Thus the villain came back to the story again, as I am not that rich I was forced to travel by train I couldn’t afford a flight,it was much expensive.

Thus we met again, 3 days in train from my home to my new home, first I felt so strange traveling with strangers then slowly I realized the only familiar person I know in my journey is this so called villain “the train“. Three years, those to and fro frequent journeys made us good friends, I felt more comfort with his company , he made me met more people,given me new friends, by them he made me learn more facts about myself, life, people. We explored more places witness more situations and so on. I don’t know how my hatred changed to compassion and one of these journey motivated me to leave my job and chase my dream,made me do what I really want from my life.

I ended up in NID, even now we travel together . The old fear never bother me now only the people I travel with does. But its a new learning isn’t it. That’s how I decided I wanted to make some thing related to these journey, might by any funny or hectic incidents from them. Might be one who is staring now could be me n the train. So that was the initial spark, I decided ” THERE WILL BE A TRAIN “.tr

OK then what ,the train wasn’t enough for a story. There should be some core concept to hold the story line. A strong concrete pillar to hold the structure, with salt and pepper to enhance audience is where I really struggled. I took bits and pieces from my own life experience for those ingredients. but the dish which I was making was unknown to me . Wonder what I am cooking, is it  a sweet n sore fiction, a pungent  thriller or a sweet n tempting comedy . My creative kitchen was about to shut, there were no sparks for lighting up my stoves to cook any thing.

26 January, 2014



I should thank Danny Gregory for his wonderful book – The creative license for giving me the initial spark to come up with this story. I should say, a short passage from this book gave me a push to kick start my narrative. Thanks Danny Gregory.but it wasn’t at all. I should thank all my friends for giving their valuable suggestions and input to make this story a perfect shape in short I wanted to say my own story, my feelings and how the way I think and see things,  I choose stop motion because its the medium I am comfortable with and I can play around while telling the story .



Who, Why,How, When, Where and For what – stitching up answers for all these questions took a lot of time than I thought. If you want too tell a story, consider yourself  a common audience to who you are catering the story, or just tell the story to some one who  doesn’t have any clue  about  the story or film making ,so that you ask yourself / they throw you  some genuine questions regarding the story and tell you what doesn’t make sense in it. As the creator you know what you are doing and every bits and pieces is much clear in your mind,but its not all what you want.Is what the audience need to be clear what they are, isn’t it .Might be that’s the ultimate aim.if u can come up with a synopsis then you are done.


This fiction fantasy film is about a man’s journey to an unknown destination in search of a cure. The story reveals as he tries to hide his deformity and force himself to be like others throughout the journey. He finds himself caught up in a desperate metaphysical adventure, a drift between real and imaginary world and realizes his travel leads him on a path of self discovery. The film ends as he ultimately realizes “That there is nothing wrong with him and learn to enjoy the life as it is”.


I always failed to make others understand what I really want to say.The ultimate challenge was to make it happen.This excel sheet is a tool which made me more clear to come up with all details and what I want to make .It helped me to make a skeleton for the movie , and made me vomit all those details what i wanted to tell in this movie ,and reason for doing so.Its more like a brain storming. And it did worked well.