Accessories  for the protagonist…..


The  Accessories character  carries with him do represents his characteristics in the film, it looks so simpler just as a probe but it do adds up on many elements in the story as well.the visual appeal style type build do tells many things , for example where he is from the place climate, the time the story happening ,his lifestyle,his status weather he is poor or rich etc.In this case the protagonist is a middle  class men who is not at all a regular traveler n doesn’t have that luxury to afford stylish accessories as this story do following a antique and classy look  i preferred him to have a leather bag  and belt, a canvas suitcase and a canvas shoes..


I used Rex-in from a diary cover instead of leather for making the bag n do have a leather look.

bag Final bag




The suitcase before coloring..



 leather work and glass jars  inside suitcase – old valet leather and medicines ampule bottles were used


Final painted and textured suitcase and wine box





Costume designing….



Protagonists costume :

1)  A FULL SLEEVE SHIRT with (mix of Chinese color and chef coat color)with a S cut.

2)  TROUSERS with rope.


Amenities :




Final sketches and cuts….









IMG_4824 IMG_4826 IMG_4827 IMG_4828


The character visual identity includes his hair style, choosing right material for making puppet was tricky. I didn’t want to go to higher extinct going for fur or natural hair. Most probably in industry commonly use of fiber ,wool, thread cotton etc some of my choice in mind was coconut husks fiber and arrack nut husks . After trying both I ended up  in choosing arrack nut husks fiber  it was perfect to wok with it giving a batch of thick fiber having a natural shine exactly like hair .it was much more easier to mold up into the characters shape than the other. A thin layer of adhesive was used to hold the husks shape as it was molded.


A temporary cloth layer was sticked to the skull to foam a skull cap in which the hair fiber was attached  and shaped up which was later removed to form a wig.



The detachable final wig : colored .


When things went wrong…. :( >>>>> Trouble shooting

After this much work it was much frustrating at the end finding out the model made isn’t up to mark. the major problem which I found out was the models armature couldn’t hold its shape though making the body parts failing to hold the gesture position. the major findings for this reason was  the beads become loose in the holders.and because of  body parts heaviness.Most of the holder joints were coated with m seal in order to prevent the loosening didn’t prevented the issue but it worsened the case because it cut down by blocking the possibility of tightening the screw.and its weight made its heaviness  too.

dddddd ffg

The solution was to make the armature and model again with a option of any time access to tightening the screw , and using very light materials to build the puppets body so that it cut downs the next mission was to come up with an improved armature which can hold the gesture position and hold the body form together with it.


A new armature.

As the previous armature model showed up some issues wit the shoulder joints starting from chest and the pelvis joints to leg, I have to go through with a new armature model sketch.


Trouble shooting

Replacing the Thermocol foam carving instead of m-seal and heavy sponges for the body made the model much lighter ,for the first model I used doctors tape for covering its the sponge holding the body shape like a mummy, but it made the model much more heavier .To come out with a solution for this I used sticking face tissue soaked in adhesive to the model to give a smooth finish and better holding to the body.

IMG_4741 IMG_4737IMG_4742

Several opening were made for tightening the screws for more hold, the carved foams do have engravings to accommodate the armature tight inside it.

IMG_4748 IMG_4749IMG_4751


A new head with 3 part joining. the middle piece is embedded with two small magnets so it sticks the iron bolts in mask holding it from falling.the middle part has the  attached  to the socket .The other two side Pieces can be attached with the middle piece with the help of a two side screw. This provide the same freedom for tightening the ball socket screws.

IMG_4743 IMG_4752 IMG_4753 IMG_4754

the final model


Final visualscript


Scene 1

EXTERIOR : Railway station.

The story starts in an uncrowned railway station.

A gloomy evening. A pan shot:  from rail tracks to the station platform revealing the station name sign board  , waiting shed on the background. (Cam _ 1)

The protagonist sitting in a bench on the waiting shed with a carry bag and his suitcase kept next to him.

He seems little bit confused and occupied with a sheet of paper holding in his hand.

POV revealing he sheet of paper he holding is a map (magical map) with a caricature of a happy smiling person on the bottom left corner .

Cut back to protagonists mid shot revealing his face with a plaster, he touches the plaster and looks back to the map

cut to the map {establishing the fare n clear skin of the char face}

A tilt down shot from behind the clock ticking to 6’O clock. followed by the gibberish announcement of the loud mike .The protagonist looks towards the cam(clock)

Cut back to protagonists mid shot looking back to the map

POV of magical map, a blinking dot approaching towards the station mark in the map/ sound of train approaching.

Cut back to protagonists  [mid shot]  looking on map , the light falling on his face irrupted by the passing train

Back to (Cam _ 1) the train comes to halt in the station, stops with squeaking sounds of the engine wheels

Scene 2

Train interior – Corridor

The protagonist entering into the train with his luggage’s walking towards the cabin {camera} , camera turns with him as he turns towards the cabin door.

POV- He slide’s opens the door, < CUT > as he enters the cabin.

Scene 3

Train interior – Cabin

POV- opens the door as he enters the cabin. a lady is sitting next to the window seat  and a small boy playing with a balloon looks  towards the protagonist.(cam).

Cam rotates all around the cabin as he looks around , the other seats seems to be occupied with luggage’s , a small hold on the seat number  and looks up to the upper birth, another character with a news paper on his hand  looks towards him with an angry expression.

TILT UP CAM from other side of cabin: The protagonist looks down and keeps his luggage beneath the seats and adjusts himself  sitting next to the boy  with his suitcase on his lap.

Mid shot : of boy and protagonist sitting together, The boy keeps  looking at the Protagonist ,and as he turns himself to look the child with a warm smile ,the child turns away his head looking to other direction as he doesn’t like to make a company with  him.

he realises the negligence and his face turns sad and looks down to his suitcase holds it tightly and sits.

CUT TO – The train whistle and steam exhaust with the sirens to start….

CUT TO – The wheels turns with the engine shafts.

CUT TO – View through the window as the station passing by.

Side shot{mid} of  MC  looking at his  suitcase , he looks up to the upper birth man

TILT UP : The upper birth man seems  slept, covering his face with the newspaper .

Side shot{mid} of  boy  playing with balloon.

Side shot{mid} of lady next to window busy doing her work ——————-.

CUT TO – View through the windows train travels through hills and woods.

The sun sets behind the hills.



Scene 3

   EXTERIOR – TILT UP: tracks in between dense woods, Train approaches towards camera with lights on. Passes  over camera.

Scene 4

Train interior:

Close up of light

A popping up sound is heard ,the MC looks alarmed with a jerk, the suitcase in his lap jumps little bit suddenly, he holds it firm, his eye balls looks here and there wondering anyone noticed it or not ,he turns towards others wondering  did anyone noticed it.

It seems the boy haven’t noticed , and he is busy with his balloon.

MC takes out the map again and looks into it

POV – the shining dot is moving through the rails on the diagram.

MC again touches the plasters on his face and moves his fingers over the suitcase, looking at it.

make some incident in which the balloon got busted because of the MCs activity…………

Sudden sound of balloon burst, The MC turns towards the child.CAM pan to child’s face.

CUT TO – Childs face ,stars crying

Mid shot of boy n MC – mc turns towards cam as he wonders what to do to console the child.

He tries to console the child , he try making faces to child to prevent him from cry, he changes his faces expressions gradually to grab his attention , his weird expressions seems no effect to the child’s cry

Suddenly a mole pops on the other side of his face(where there is no plaster).{with the similar popping sound}

The child’s face changes to a surprised look ,

The MC got stuck on the pose both his eye ball rolls towards the direction of the mole, another mole pops up all of a sudden.

The excited child laughs and claps his hand watching what he saw.

MC got alarmed  and again the bag starts to jump on his lap he grabs the bag and try to condemn it,

MC looks around

It seems everyone is noticing him now, the man on upper birth, the lady and child staring at him – CUT SHOTS

he covers the moles with his left hand gets up from his seat holding the suitcase opens the cabin slide door in a hurry and runs out of the cabin.

Scene 5

MOVING TRAIN : EXTERIOR –  inside view of train through the windows

PAN SHOT – MC running on corridor with his hand covering his face.


Scene 6


he pulls opens the door and gets into the toilet, shut the door and leans on the door with his back holding the suitcase on his chest with both hands.

pan as he moves from there to his left towards the shelf next to the sink and mirror.

MC keeps the SC on the shelf

SIDE SHOT: MID – MC starts examine his face on the mirror.

POV from mirror: MC touches his face and seems sad sawing those moles in his face, his facial exp changes into an aggressive one he turns towards the SC , unlocks it and opens .

MATCH CUT:  POV of MC , the box is full of bottles with moles ,the cam establishes the SC interior showing each  materials inside the case,  Bottles with mole, Scissors ,Knives, Plasters, a photograph of MC and his friend with lots of moles on their face smiling and posing for the photo(_the friend one whose photograph was therein the map).

CUT TO : MID MC keeps one of the bottle on the sink and a plaster role,

POV from mirror: MC standing with scissors, and aim it towards the mole looking to the CAM.

CUT TO : as the scissors blade is about to cut the mole it starts glowing.

CUT TO : The bottle with moles kept on the sink also glows

CUT TO : The SC loaded with Bottles glows.

CUT TO : MID : MC back side sill wet on the cutting pose and full glow on bg.

Scene 7


The glow is coming out from the toilet window ,(sound a train approaching from a distance) It got blocked by another goods train passing on foreground , the glow flashes as it is revealed by the goods trains gaps in between exposing the light towards CAM.—————————————–CUT TO BLACK


TILT DOWN : to the sink where the glowing mole is felt n gradually fading down MCs hand comes into frame and picks up the mole.

CLOSE UP : of MC holding the bottle in front of his eyes and puts the mole into it the glow fades out from the mole and the glow dies.

CLOSE UP : of suitcase where MC keeps back the bottle with moles.

POV: from cam he turns back to mirror with a sad expression on his face touches/checks the new bandage on his face , then he slowly opens his shirt revealing more bandages in his body all over his chest.

he looks down to his chest he close his shirt looks back to mirror /cam takes a deep breath.

CUT TO : CLOSE UP : of suitcase closing….>>>> MATCH CUT

Scene 8


>>>> MATCH CUT  : slide opening the cabin door

TILT UP CAM from other side of cabin: the child is sleeping in the lower birth as he enters am and lady on upper births. he looks the boy .

CUT TO : MID :MC s POV of the child sleeping in the seat.

CUT TO : the lady sleeping on upper birth.

CUT TO : the man sleeping news paper covering his head on upper birth.

TILT UP CAM from other side of cabin: the MC Looking up ,he sits on the seat next to the child

MID SHOT of MC sitting holding his suitcase close to his chest, he leans towards the case gradually as he felt into sleep.



Scene 9


POV from trains 3rd compartment moving through the bridge approaching the tunnel, as the train enters the tunnel light fades into black.

Scene 10

                                                                        DREAM SEQUENCE

2D in experimental line drawings on Kari (smoke on glass)

The train getting out from the tunnel from the ear, its moving in darkness

it runs on surface all around the face  cheeks n nose etc  as the camera follows to trains POV gaint moles pops up in the landscape

one of the mole pops up from the rail in front of train , as train approaches to the giant mole and about to hit . CUT TO.

Scene 11

CUT TO : close up of MCs eyes opening in a jerk as he got scared by the night mare/ a shuffling sound on BG as the bag is rumbling.

hi s eye ball moves down top his lap amused what’s happening.

MID SHOT : the MCs suite case is shaking n jumping vigorously on his lap , the box jumps off from his lap.

GROUND LEVEL : the suitcase falling in the ground next to the cabin door

POV of MC box starts rolling over towards the cabin door as its trying to get out from the cabin , still rolling.

CLOSE UP of MC in an amusement what the hell is happening .then he looks to the map in his hand

The magical map showing it reached the destination in the woods and the indicator point is blinking vigorously as its telling him something.

CLOSE UP of MC , he looks up from the map ,and turns to the side windows , checking where he have reached.

POV through the window …..

There is some fancy glitters happening in the woods , as he can vaguely see them the train passes the scene gaining more speed. As the place is falling back ,he got confused what to do.

CLOSE UP of MC , looking down  to his case.

Scene 12


MC got pulled out by the bag to the corridor and pulled towards the cam….

POV track shot  of MC, as he is pulled towards the door by the suitcase through the corridor .

Back profile shot of MC stoping next to the door.

Scene 13

exterior shot of train door opened by MC ,he leans forward and looks towards the lights in wood passed by CAM ZOOMS BACK , trees passing in the foreground as camera pans with train.

CONTINUE : Scene 12

Shoulder shot of MC looking to the lights in woods from the moving train.

Again Back profile shot of MC standing at the door and looking out. retains steady position and looks up here and there inside the compartment.

Close up of pull liver.

POV of MC from pull liver.

CUT TO : train tires squeaking and stopping in rails with sparks.

Scene 14


LONG SHOT  TRAINS SIDE ANGLE , a box got thrown from trains door , it felts down on the track in the dark

CLOSE SHOT of fallen luggage box, the MCs  steps next to it, close up of his leg reaching the ground. He picks up the luggage and blindly runs towards the  woods where he saw lights. into the darkness.

POV camera pulled back, as he runs away from the train .

MID camera pulled back with MC, as he runs away from the train .train on BG

Scene 15

LONG : Trains siren sounds with whistle, trains engine starts  the lights reflection on the trees next to track gradually  diapers  as the train moves away.

Darkness ,only the MCs foot steps are heard as he runs away….as he get lost in the darkness his footsteps declines .


Scene 16

MID SHOT of suitcase , light emits from the case , CAM pulled up as he raises the case to his head level to check out what is happening.  case fading and glowing, suddenly it pull MC to a direction…

CUT TO LONG SHOT: MC is been pulled to different places in the woods , right to left of screen FG, left to right MID G, right to left of screen BG. MC stops in middle of the woods as suddenly the suitcase pull stops.

LONG shot MC pulls up the case and looks at it curiously.

A distant sound interrupts him {owl/wolf howl} MC looks at the direction of sound , as he was afraid he slowly steps backwards by keep looking at the sounds direction.

 Another sound interrupts him from behind very next to him in the bushes , with a jerk MC turns and looks at the bushes , of that excitement what he had seen MC falls backward to the ground

CUT TO > TILT UP MID : MC looking to cam from the ground holding the suitcase (light still emitting)

MC’s POV  mid: there is some thing glittering in the darkness, it appears to be some glowing red eyes staring at him.

CUT  BACK TO > TILT UP MID : MC looking to cam from the ground holding the suitcase and gathering his carry bag by the other hand , he looks at the direction where the bag had fallen.

MC’s POV  mid: another pair of glowing red eyes staring at him next to his bag .

TRACK SHOT> Pullback :CLOSE MID of MC running, holding the suitcase in his front ,scared and yelling. Simultaneously turning his head back checking, is he been followed.

CUT TO : CLOSE UP of MC’s foot steps running.SLOW MOTION as his foot hits a rock in the ground….

CUT TO : SLOW MOTION ,MID SHOT > Tilt up the MC fly’s in mid air, falling to ground, the suit case also opens because of the hits impact all the glowing bottles are also suspended /flying in the air with him.

CUT TO : CLOSE UP one of the glowing jar falls on the ground and breaking…

CUT TO : a CLOSE UP of broken bottles and open (face down), one of the unbroken container rolls towards him..(LIGHTING)

MID SHOT the MC picking up the bottle n sits up holding it n looking to it emotionally.  the opened bag and other  broken bottles shattered allover the place in his BG.

A LONG SHOT : A POV of some one else looking where MC had fallen ,lights can be seen from the broken containers, silvet of trees, rocks and bushes on mid ground.

Close up of MC looking at the glowing mole container holding on his hand. gradually some bouquet of different colored lights are appeared on his distant background and moving here and there.MC keeps looking at bottle as he is unaware of the other moving lights.

TRACK IN shot POV of some one who is approaching towards MC siting in ground holding the container from his back.

CUT  BACK TO > CLOSE UP : MC looking at the glowing mole container holding on his hand.  bouquet of different colored lights background are now approaching towards him .MC lifts his head with an excited expression as he realized that some thing is approaching to him from behind.CAM PULLED BACK TO A LONG SHOT revealing the BG with different colored lights approaching him from different direction in the dark woods.

MC turns back in a swift action

MATCH CUT : TRACK IN shot POV of stranger approaching to MC who just turned back and looking at the cam reaches very next to him MC looks excited all around him to each lights..

TILT UP , POV of MC as he looks up. To an empty frame five hands with glowing bottle lanterns enter into the frame, slowly revealing five characters entering to from all three direction holding them(bottles).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The lighting should only be sufficient in a way  to vaguely reveal the character one who is in the middle in the search party who is MC’s child hood friend who send him the magical map map.He looks at him with a warm welcoming smile.(all of them do have glowing moles allover their body)

CUT SHOT’S showing their moles glowing.

POV of friend TILT DOWN : CLOSE UP> of MC looking at him with amusement, gradually his facial expression turning into a relaxed happy smile. Suddenly a glowing mole pops up from his face. ZOOM IN to the mole and freeze.DIP TO BLACK.

***************** THE END*****************


First script



Every individual has a unique character which defines their INDIVIDUALITY. sometimes we/one/people misinterpret there is something  wrong with them/their character intern lead to believe they are odd in the society/to others. So they/we hide them n try to be someone else/others. But the truth comes later with the  realization that this uniqueness defies our character n there is no need to hide them at all. Ones world will be the way how they perceive it.


Act 1

  • The story starts with a man reading his friends letter saying “Start immediately there is a ticket attached as well. And the letter all over says him not to give up his hope and get there soon and there is a cure. And the box will direct him where to get down.
  • He is reading this letter in a big metallic box and other belongings; he neglects the help from porters as well.
  • He boards the train and get settled down in his seat hugging down his box
  • He is in between stranger passengers all around him including a small boy sitting next to him with a balloon. No one seems friendly and everyone looks at him in a doubtful manner. (passengers moving along with porters)
  • The train starts moving everyone seems busy. The balloon in the child’s hand bursts and he starts crying. The man tries to console him hardly but all his effort goes to vain.
  • He opens his box and does an origami art with a piece of paper inside it while a small glow (illuminated glow) happens inside the box. He hands over the origami to the child and the child becomes happy and smiles at him)
  • When the man returns the smile back at the child all of a sudden a huge mole appears in his face. The child and other passengers get excited to see this and looks at him with excitement. He hides the mole with his hands and jumps up and run towards the toilet with huge metal box in shame and embarrassment as if he was about to Burt in tears.
  • He locks the door from inside and checks his face in the mirror on the wall he keeps the bag on the rack and opens it. It contained lots and lots of glass jars filled with this cut off moles. He takes out a scissor from the bag and holds it in the cutting position to mole. The mole starts glowing (both in the box and in his face). A goods train passes by…

Cut to:

Act 2

2D memory [flashback]

  • A boy walking alone in rain heading towards the school. another gang of boys little distant accompanying him.
  • suddenly a toad jumps in front of the boy for his surprise he screams because of fear and surprise.
  • A mole appears in his face other boys laughs at him and calls him toad ( a toad with moles) the boy gets ashamed hides his face with hand and runs away crying.
  • He has only got one friend because of his wearied nature none ever made friendship with him. he loved his friend and cared about him a lot as he was the only friend he got. the friend also behaved to him so nice and kindly.
  • One day he made a surprise gift for his friend from scraps, (the mole in his face glows mean time)and presents it to his friend while accepting the gift his friend became so happy and excited  and thanks him. Again the same thing happens seeing his friend happy he gets excited and a mole appears on his face and for his surprise a mole grows in his friends face too.
  • the boy gets shocked to see this and realize that he is not the only one having this . But suddenly his friend covers his face and runs off not saying anything to him. the boy stands alone.
  • the next day he came to know that his friend has left the school and left to somewhere else with his family for some unknown reason.
  • he couldn’t hold his emotion he starts to believe that he is the one responsible to make his friend sick like him
  • he curses his mole for making him lose his friend
  • he believed that mole is the only reason for his loneliness and hatred and decided to destroy it he cuts it off with a scissors and the mole jumps like a lizards tail when it is cut off he gets amazed and leans to pick it.

Act 3

Back to toilet

  • He grabs the glowing cut down mole from the sink and put it in one half filled jar and keeps it back to the box. he looks at the mirror checks out his face with a plus plaster covering the part from where the mole has cut.
  • he opens his shirt to reveal there is lots of plaster all over his body he takes a heavy breath and closes the box (sync to the toilet door opens)
  • he comes out of the toilet and goes back to his seat with the box back to his seat.
  • The train gains speed
  • voice over – he doesn’t even know where he is heading to the only clue was “that the box / the mole will tell you where to go” something said him to trust his friend
  • his last letter told him there is a cure to his abnormality and there is some place where you will get cured and get answer for all your sufferings the only thing you need to do is don’t destroy all your moles collect them deposit them all together in the magic well in this place and everything is going to be alright and that is what made his friend normal and live a happy life
  • first two three times he refused his invitation but he himself wanted to get rid of his abnormality and decides to listen to his friend
  • he was thrilled to get there as well as doubtful about the near future
  • the train enters into a tunnel and it becomes dark he goes to sleep

Act 4

Dream 2D experimental line drawing

  • the train is moving in  darkness through the rails like snake
  • from both the sides of train some mole like shape grows up to sky
  • it tries to grab the train the train struggles to get through
  • at the end the moles winds up the train

Act 5

  • HE wakes up from his sleep with a jerk
  • the box which he is holding is jumping on his hand like it has gained some kind of life. the box is glowing itself from inside
  • he remembers his friends words saying . They will tell you where to get down. they will guide you
  • As the train is moving faster the box shakes violently as he couldn’t held it further. he looks outside through the window and see a small light somewhere out in the woods like some railway gate of something and with a railway bell ringing.
  • As the place was falling back the bell sounds are feeding away, he got confused what to do.
  • he grabs his belongings and runs towards the exits but the train is gaining speed.
  • he jumps and pulls the emergency break gear.
  • the train takes a sudden breaks with a squeaking sound of the metal tires in the rail, the train stops in the darkness


Act 6

  • he jumps out from the train and runs towards the other direction
  • he could hear the whistles and some shouting from his back but never bothered to look back he run and run into the darkness
  • as he covered a little he couldn’t see anything that time the box starts glowing once again.
  • he felt that it is leading him the way.
  • he reached a light pole , other than the pole a railway bell and small shed there was nothing else.
  • No station Nothing the box stopped glowing now.
  • he wondered what to do next there was no well nor his friend to receive him. he stood there cursing himself , what to do next. he felt he made a mistake listening to his friend.
  • Again he sat in the ground next to that pole wandering what next. he holder the box he holder the fade to black

Act 7

  • he could listen peoples shouting and birds chirping and animals
  • he opens his eyes
  • he saw a crowd covering him looking at him.
  • he could realize what he is seeing.
  • His box fell down from his hand to the ground.
  •  whoever he see their In that crowd has moles and growth on their faces, some have extra eyes , horns .
  • for one movement he doesn’t know’ what to do. he smiled as he released something.

End credit

Act 8

  • He is standing next a well, he looks into the well (inside) and then to the box. He pause for a while and throws the box into the well. The box is falling and falling vanishing to the darkness. A distant sound is heard as it touched the water. The deep interiors of the well shined like gold with a glow. Thousands of butterflies flies up into the sky.

Puppet lab…..

I started two days before,sorry to update my blog. You need much patients to create a puppet to its final stage .ant way i am right now in a struggling stage.i should say its little bit hard to full fill our own needs while handling new materials which you haven’t ever worked with.some on the materials which am using right now for the puppet creation is different from those which i have worked before.A good puppet maker should have knowledge of a vast verity of materials available in market for puppet creation, as well he have to know materials available around all over near to your house hold. Observing and relating the craps lying all around in garbage bin,make use of them by relating it with some or any thing which might be useful in puppet making. i will thank those books available at internet for the making of puppets. References do help you a lot.

The character 

model sheet 1

A character take birth with the character sketches. Its a real struggle to come up with a character which you have in your mind yo a piece of paper . After lots and lots of doodling the end result what i got was like this.many times the character sketches which came out wasn’t apt for the story many time it was abrupt.

when creating a character you need to know the person inside out, because you are the creator you need to know what kind of person he is , why is he is so,whats his likes and dislikes, his fears strength every thing, you need to know what his back story is. Basically when you are creating a character  you are not only making a visual appeal you are creating a creature what ever it looks like with its own personality with reason.the look and feel how he is.

Look and Feel : Style 

Keeping the personality of character in mind the other core aspect one need to be particular is the visual feel it gives in the screen. The look and feel,here all those aspects do plays an important role for example the skin color,texture ,The cloths he is wearing decides where he is from the climate etc. and the entire visual need to go with the other aspects of movie such as theme , story,place , the color scheme etc.

How it derived …From realistic to the final…


We always relate our own character with the one we create.because we are familiar with our characteristic features.The initial concept art with the character sketch was too realistic to go with the story. i wanted to look him more comic and toon like one.

conc 1

The  sketch was much colorful which doesn’t go with the story , the characters were too much related to those we have seen a lot in many TV shows . it was much detailed and realistic too.i wanted more simplified with a cute face.I didn’t wanted him to look like a Disney stuff.

model sheet 1

I wanted other formula ,some thing so fresh ,not so western nor Indian .then i decided to make him no where from places where i know .lets say, he is from no where , so he doesn’t have a nationality which we know , he doesn’t follow a dress code we have seen, n nor he have a language we know….so the entire scenario of the story changed with the character itself.

The Scale 

Deciding up on the scale is tricky. it depends on how much detailed animation you are going to do, and how much money you are spending for production, and how ambitious you are. the ease of animating with the puppet will be more when you increase the size of the puppet, but it too requires more detailing n raw-materials to create them. the other worse part regarding a bigger puppet is that you need to invest a lot of time and money for building up a set appropriate to it. so it do require machinery ,manpower, a bigger space and off-course the luxury of time…

Here the size of protagonist which i have taken is 10 inches.

char sheet 1

Once the scale is decided, the redrawing of model sheet according to scale is done in a graph paper which will give a better idea about body parts individual measurements according to the scale.We could say its the blue print of the puppet .


This blue print is very useful through out the puppet construction, its the guide line for the entire process of making the puppet , after every parts of the puppet is made it will be better to check it comparing it with the blue print to ensure every thing is going with the scale.

The Armature:

After deciding the scale and making the scaled character sheet, the first step to start up constructing the puppet is to figure out the skeleton structure that can hold the puppet through out the animation process. After studying the wide verities of armatures , i ended up on choosing the armature which my  seniors used for their puppet animation. They relay helped me in providing samples for the same. after experimenting with it a lot and doing some more improvisations i came up with a modified armature for my puppet.


Some of the armature models used in the animation industry.


As it was much expensive in the market,and much tougher to make it my own  i decided to experiment my luck with the armature made of  laser cut MDF for ball holders and beads instead of metal balls to make a similar one like the traditional ball and socket joint armature.

IMG_4487 IMG_4491


For animating the facial expression i have chosen the mask replacement method.Its simply changing masks of different expressions according to the character act.So the challenge was to make expression masks which should be identical in shape and size and finish so that i should be looking alike except the expressions.

For that i first sculpted a face model in a  wax block to find out the measurement and symmetry later doing the same thing in a foam,scope out some more foam from the face part leaving some crust for some hold the en carvings which it make will be better to place magnets which helps to hold the face masks with iron nuts fixed on it made later .


Once we get a well calculated carved face model in foam we are ready to coat it with a hard material which can hold the shape even applying pressure.

model mk

Coat and sculpt it with M- seal to get a thick mask.This was the master mask for the reference of shape and size.Handling wet M-seal is tough. I used talcum powder to avoid sticking to hand while handling it.Water can be sprayed to the surface of M-seal, while smoothing the surface to get a smoothly n glossy look.

face mdl

When the mask gets dried after 90 minutes smooth en the surface with sand paper.grind off the excess unwanted bulging to get the exact shaped mask.i divided the face part into two , the upper eyebrow part of face including the nose and the lower law with chins so that the eyebrow part once attached to face it the joints will never be shown in the camera, the two joint lines on the side portion of face can be hidden by hair later.


Once we get the masks and the seal to make it is much easy to make a mold,


Natural sculpt clay was used to make a temporary mold to make the final respective molds for the jaw part and eyebrow part .


when the three molds are ready ,it was all set to go making the final masks.


I used Sculpt Dry terracotta for making the masks.It good to handle as it is not so sticky. one thing need to take care is to kneed it well before use otherwise there is a chance of breakage once it is dry. before applying it to the mold grease the mold with oil so that it not stick to the mold. i used a layer of aluminium foil layer in the bottom mold so it will avoid sticking to the mold as well it can hold the shape even though we remove the sculpted terracotta .

images (1)

A hair drier was used to speed up drying the molded masks. it relay helped in saving the precious time.


Initially i made five  sets of masks including different eyebrow structures for different expressions,once the remaining head part is made {the holder part}, the final alignment and polishing can be done.i kept it for drying well. The master masks should be kept safe for reference.


It should be always better to store the molded masks in a cardboard box with sponge bed to avoid breakage as it is fragile.later it can be painted for further finishing touches. Eyes, eye bros, mouths for expressions are sculpted separate and fixed accordingly.